Mattia Marinolli - Freelance Photographer

Marija, 23 years old, has just finished her BA in German language and now is attending the MA in Kragujevac. Previously she got a scholarship which took her in Austria for several months.

“Most of people are used to become professors after graduation of languages departments. Their ambitions stop at the point. I could find some job as a professor maybe in Kragujevac or even Belgrade. If I want to become a translator, I have to pass some additional exams and there are not many choices for employment. But I am sceptic about these jobs since those are not the things I would like to do in my life. Socio-humanistic studies are a kind of needless thing abroad, especially in Germany since they assume these sciences do not develop anything productive and concrete.
German language is very useful, if besides it, a person has other skills and knowledge, but as an individual task to deal with is quite hard to be productive: it requires a huge devotion and connection with other sciences, such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, etc.

I mostly hang around with people who are at my age or have just finished their studies. All of them were convinced their studies are very perspective when they entered the university. Now, many of them are sceptic of finding a job and if those jobs are the ones they would like to do. They now can clearly see the corruption while employing: politics is involved and it is not enough to be an extraordinary student to find a job at your field of studying. Most of them are aware they will have to do jobs which are not at a level their studies promised to be.

Speaking about EU, I have to say the fact that EU is not held by the whole EU, but some countries from it. It is not known that EU commands the life conditions of other countries. For instance, Portugal is not allowed to produce its own wine since the French and the Italians do so. People from Portugal used to produce it and live from agriculture, but now they are paid not do it. People do not take this into consideration and run towards EU. Also, many nations make a mistake denying their own currency. Even Germany made the same mistake since the sale of mark has resulted with weake